Tackling Methane in the Oil and Gas Sector with the Oil Climate Index plus Gas (OCI+) Tool

Wednesday, May 3, 11 a.m. MT

Methane is a powerful climate pollutant that heats our planet over 80 times more than carbon dioxide. The oil and gas sector is responsible for an estimated one-third of global methane emissions, therefore representing a significant near-term opportunity to reduce emissions and slow global temperature rise.   
RMI’s cutting-edge interactive tool — the OCI+ — reveals the size, scope, and nature of the methane problem. Notably, new OCI+ analysis reveals that methane drives one-half of oil and gas industry greenhouse gas emissions. 

Recently updated to model 70 percent of global oil and gas assets, the OCI+ interactive tool offers the climate intelligence needed by oil and gas operators, financial firms, policymakers, and civil society to identify opportunities to manage methane. 

Join RMI’s oil and gas sector emissions experts on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 11 a.m. MT for a deep dive on recent OCI+ findings, how to use the OCI+ web tool, and how the tool can inform oil and gas decision-making.  

With insights from and moderated by Deborah Gordon:  
Deborah is a senior principal in RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program, where she coleads the Oil and Gas Solutions Initiative. The OCI+ is the topic of Gordon’s new book, No Standard Oil (Oxford University Press, 2022). 

Frances Reuland—Frances (Fran) is a manager with RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program. She supports the institute’s efforts to reduce methane emissions from the global oil and gas industry through research and development of market-based mechanisms to encourage low-emissions natural gas.

Rose Wang—Rose is a manager in the Climate Intelligence Program at RMI where she coleads the ongoing development of the OCI+ tool. She applies data analytics and data science to drive emissions reductions in the oil and gas sector. Rose is a current National Science Foundation-funded CORE Institute Fellow. 

TJ Conway—TJ is a principal in RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program and coleads the Oil and Gas Solutions Initiative. Conway also teaches an energy course as a professor of the practice at Georgetown University.

This event will take place via Zoom. An email confirmation will be sent containing the Zoom link to join.