Setting a New Climate Finance Goal: What's Next for the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) Process?

Thursday, September 22 | 9:00 a.m. ET

This event is a high-level discussion that will bring together experts and climate finance practitioners from governments to share insights surrounding the overall structure of the NCQG, as well as the process of deliberation. A technical paper on ‘Defining the Climate Finance Needs of Developing Countries’ will be presented. Experts and government officials will share firsthand their views on the structure and principles of the NCQG, the process so far, including the TEDs, and how deliberations from these dialogues are key to shaping the NCQG.  Through this discussion, experts will touch on how the outputs from the TEDs and High-level Ministerial Dialogues can be appropriately captured and incorporated within the NCQG. In addition, panelists will highlight the key milestones on the path to COP29 in 2024 when the NCQG will be set. Register now for updates on timing and confirmed speakers!

This event will take place via Zoom. An email confirmation will be sent containing the Zoom link to join.